Inspiring Children With Wisdom Quotes

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Teaching Kids the Significance of Humility

“True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.”
― C.S. Lewis

Parents teach their kids to work hard, to study more to achieve success, to learn new things to be competent in life. But in the race of imparting too many skills to kids; parents tend to forget that teaching children about the value of humility is just as essential as inspiring children to be successful.

Let go of 'me' attitude

Instill in your children the habit of sharing right from the beginning. You need to teach kids to drop the “Me” attitude. Else when this “I, Me, Myself” attitude will turn into selfishness in kids, you won't even realize.

If you are a mother of two kids, motivate your elder child to share his toys, clothes with the younger kid and encourage the younger one to help his older sibling with the chores.

Encourage kids to participate in charity work

Don't just preach. Lead by example. Take your children to a orphanage, a homeless shelter in your locality or charity events. Let kids donate their old clothes or toys to the less fortunate fact, take kids to the charity events as well.

Don't think that your kids may get depressed seeing people living in unsatisfactory conditions. You run the risk of spoiling your kids, if you keep them in luxury all the time. When your kids will witness you helping not-so-fortunate people, it will develop humility and empathy in kids.

Encourage kids to be grateful
Parenting help: Teach kids to learn to be grateful for everything. There are thousands of inspirational videos that inspire kids about the significance of gratitude. Encourage kids to say “Please” and “Thank you”. 
If your child has scored brownie points in a project, explain to him how his teachers have played a role in his achievement and that he must acknowledge their contribution.

Remember to teach your children to apologize when they make a mistake. Owning up to a mistake will help them build confidence and a strong sense of ownership and responsibility to do each task with energy, determination and effort.

Parenting children does not mean imposing values and ethics on the kids without explaining to them their true significance. You cannot teach humility to kids by bullying or scolding them. The best parenting advice is be a role model for your children and they will follow in your footsteps.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Parenting Help to Deal with Child Tantrums

Some children throw tantrum to show their disagreement, anger or frustration in response to a particular situation or decision, reaction of their parents. It is considered as a common behavioral trait to some extent. Many parents adopt either a dormant or a dominant approach for dealing with tantrums, but both these approaches can be harmful for your child’s healthy growth and development.

This parenting advice focuses on how to deal with tantrums in children:

Control your anger while dealing with child temper tantrums

You are apt to lose your temper in response to your child’s tantrum, it happens often and with most parents. It may evoke you to act stupid and commit mistakes, which is an inappropriate way to deal with child tantrums.

In such situations, you should tell your child, “though we are also not pleased with your anger or defiance; we are not treating you badly and giving you time and opportunity to bring improvement in your behavior.” A calm child can understand and learn things better.

Remember, in any condition children should never be deprived of love and care. A daily dose of affection and sense of belongingness is prescribed albeit with some strictness (only if required).

Never insult your child

Let your children express their feelings – pleasant or unpleasant. Don’t start punishing or criticizing straightway if they display indecent behavior that includes tantrums also. According to some research studies, insulting the children encourages negativity in them and they start to feel neglected and dejected leading to a rift in child parent relationships, which never heals.

Try to understand the fact that children tantrums are normal up to some age. Don’t make the things worse by overreacting or taking it too seriously.

Compliment and reward the desired behavior

Promise your child a chocolate and you will see him cleaning his room. Tempt your kid with a new video game and you will see him finding solace in books.

Rewards always work in childhood and the good habits developed in lieu of rewards accompany your child for rest of her life. Make sure you begin the reward system at an appropriate age. Don’t wait to the stage when he starts using other means like crying or throwing tantrums to meet his demands.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Help Your Lazy Child Become Active

Does your kid waste most of his free time in sleeping? Does he make excuses every time you ask him for a favor or to assist you in daily chores?

Your kid maybe a victim of laziness. Laziness, lethargy or inertia is very common in children. As we know ‘time and tide wait for none’, the time wasted under the influence of laziness will cost your child in the future as this time could have been utilized in some productive activities.
Here is some parenting advice for the parents to help their children get rid of laziness:  

Tempting With Incentive

Children have a natural temptation for gifts. It makes incentives an effective technique to induce desired behavior in your children. For example, if your child spends all day watching television and is reluctant to play outdoors, promising a chocolate or some other incentive for some outdoor activity can be effective in shaping your child’s behavior in the desired manner. 

You can also tempt him with a shopping trip for something he has been demanding for long in lieu of the successful completion of the assigned chores he was neglecting for sheer laziness.
But remember, not to overdo this. Your child must not get the impression that for every little thing she does, which anyways she is supposed to do, she should be rewarded. Make sure your child understands and realizes the responsibilities that are her own and is rewarded only as an encouragement, not as a rule.

Appreciation Works on Any Day

Children have a natural longing for appreciation and they like to go an extra mile to please their parents and hear words of praise. You should be generous with praise when you see your child challenging her laziness and assisting you in the chores like cleaning his room or taking care of her younger sibling.
Make your child realize that his voluntary participation in productive activity pleases you. It will not only inspire your child but will also strengthen childparent relationships.

Spend Quality Time

Sometimes a child might display laziness in her attitude for garnering attention. Make sure you spare some time from your busy schedule to talk and ask about his school, friends and studies.
Discuss about his interests, skills and abilities and future plans so that he may feel belonged. Be present every time your child participates in sports and extra-curricular activities and encourage him by cheering for him/her participation.

Engage your Child in Creative Activities

Try to involve your children in creative activities based on her interests and hobbies. It will keep them engaged in their spare time (that they usually consume for sleeping). Help him develop the habit of watching motivational videos, which will instill wisdom kids and inspire him towards the path of success rather than wasting time in sleeping.