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Monday, October 29, 2012

Parenting Help to Deal with Child Tantrums

Some children throw tantrum to show their disagreement, anger or frustration in response to a particular situation or decision, reaction of their parents. It is considered as a common behavioral trait to some extent. Many parents adopt either a dormant or a dominant approach for dealing with tantrums, but both these approaches can be harmful for your child’s healthy growth and development.

This parenting advice focuses on how to deal with tantrums in children:

Control your anger while dealing with child temper tantrums

You are apt to lose your temper in response to your child’s tantrum, it happens often and with most parents. It may evoke you to act stupid and commit mistakes, which is an inappropriate way to deal with child tantrums.

In such situations, you should tell your child, “though we are also not pleased with your anger or defiance; we are not treating you badly and giving you time and opportunity to bring improvement in your behavior.” A calm child can understand and learn things better.

Remember, in any condition children should never be deprived of love and care. A daily dose of affection and sense of belongingness is prescribed albeit with some strictness (only if required).

Never insult your child

Let your children express their feelings – pleasant or unpleasant. Don’t start punishing or criticizing straightway if they display indecent behavior that includes tantrums also. According to some research studies, insulting the children encourages negativity in them and they start to feel neglected and dejected leading to a rift in child parent relationships, which never heals.

Try to understand the fact that children tantrums are normal up to some age. Don’t make the things worse by overreacting or taking it too seriously.

Compliment and reward the desired behavior

Promise your child a chocolate and you will see him cleaning his room. Tempt your kid with a new video game and you will see him finding solace in books.

Rewards always work in childhood and the good habits developed in lieu of rewards accompany your child for rest of her life. Make sure you begin the reward system at an appropriate age. Don’t wait to the stage when he starts using other means like crying or throwing tantrums to meet his demands.

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