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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Teach Children To Forgive

Have you ever observed how your daughter fights with her friend one day and goes to play with her the very next day? This shows that children usually don't hold onto grudges like adults. So many people believe that teaching kids about forgiveness is not essential. But what we fail to understand is that it is we adults who teach children to behave in a certain manner.
When children see their mom and dad not speaking to other family members for some past misunderstanding or not keeping in touch with their own parents, children also develop the feeling that it is OK not to forgive. They develop negative habits such as developing grievances or complaining over little things.
What we generally tend to forget is that unforgiveness is a weakness that can be improved upon. And when you hold onto a grudge for a long time, it can get stuck in your body, which can eventually make you sick. As parents, the onus lies on you to cause your children to understand the importance of forgiveness. So here is some useful advice for parents and parenting tips to help you do that:
Communicate & encourage your child to accept different views
If your child is upset because he has gotten involved in a fight or argument with someone, talk to him about it. Listen to your child patiently and let him vent out the feelings, anger and frustrations.
Once your child cools down, encourage your child to have a discussion with the person who has her to feel this way. Help your child understand that every person has different opinions and it's ok to have disagreements. Once your child understands that different people can have different point of view, it will be far easier for your child to accept the other opinions and viewpoints.
Be patient
When your child is hurt by someone, don't force her to just forgive without understanding what it actually means. That will not be of help. Had you been hurt by your friend, would it be easy for you to forgive? So be patient and give your child a little time to get over the hurtful feelings. And then help her understand that forgiving someone doesn't condone their actions. In fact forgiving is a way to release the pain and the bad feelings. After all, holding onto past grudges will take you nowhere.
Be a role model
Children observe their parents very closely. So practice what you preach. If on the one hand, you keep teaching your child to forgive others, but on the other hand, you yourself are bitter or can't stop complaining about your friend, then what kind of impression are you going to make on your child? So be a role model to your kids. When your children see how graciously you forgive others, they too will automatically learn the same.
It is very important to teach children the importance of forgiveness at an early age. Apart from following the above mentioned tips, you can also show a motivational video to a child which explains the need for forgiveness with the help of beautiful images. After all, a picture says a thousand words.
What you are trying to convey to your child in words can be more poignantly and effectively conveyed with the help of an inspirational video that specially uses children quotes to convey the message a child would understand. But as they say, motivation doesn't last long. Well, even bathing lasts for only one day. That's why you need to make an effort to watch some really good motivational videos everyday with your child.
Once you develop a habit of reading some inspirational quotes everyday or watching a motivational video you can pass on life's important lessons about forgiveness, respect, kindness and honestly much more effectively to your child. Moreover these motivational videos offer some really great parenting tips on how to support child development and nurture successful parent children relationships.
So teach children to choose to let go and choose to forgive. You will help your child to feel so much lighter and happier.

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