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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Raising Kids That Don’t Talk Back

One of the biggest pet peeves that parents who are raising kids have is talking back. Believe it or not, there are children out there that do not talk back to their parents or anyone else, for that matter. These children also tend to do very well in school because they are respectful to their teachers as well. Raising kids to be respectful is important.
In The Beginning There Were Rules
Raising kids is the most difficult job you will ever have in your life. Teaching your children to be polite and respect authority makes a parent’s job twice as hard. Don’t be discouraged. Raising kids that don’t talk back is not an impossible feat. With good parenting and effective child discipline, you’ll have a child that respects what you have to say.
Good parenting skills are necessary to achieve your goal. Be sure that both you and your spouse are consistent in the way that you parent your child. The rules of the family should also be enforced by both parents. If one parent allows the child to jump on the furniture and the other doesn’t, the child is getting mixed signals about his behavior.
Everyone has rules that they must follow. Rules and boundaries are essential for children as they help to teach respect and discipline. Every rule should be posted, even if the child is too young to read. Number the rules as children learn to recognize numbers before letters. The numbers can help them to remember the rules. Do not talk back should be rule number one.
Good Parenting Means Good Children
Good parenting skills are very important when raising kids. Parents that scream at their children or hit them merely are teaching their children that this is an appropriate behavior. Showing your child how to behave through your actions and the actions of your spouse is the best way to ensure that you are raising kids to learn appropriate behavior.
You must also learn to use your good parenting skills any time that you need to make a behavioral correction with child discipline. When you need to discipline your child, you’ll need to keep in mind that the punishment fits the crime. Never be cruel or vindictive when punishing your child.
It’s best to use positive child discipline to coerce the child into behaving appropriately. Do not bribe him with treats or toys to get him to behave. When your child breaks the house rules, you should take immediate action to stop the behavior. The child should be punished by taking away a toy or television time. Never hit your child. He will only learn that violence is acceptable.
Eliminate the Back Talk
Raising kids to be respectful can help to eliminate back talk. A respectful child understands the rules and boundaries that have been set for him. You can have obedient children that don’t talk back if you teach respect while raising kids.
You’ll need to sit down with your spouse and decide on an appropriate punishment for back talk.  When raising kids, they need to know the penalties before they do the crime. This is an incentive for good behavior as no child wants to lose a toy or time away from his games or the television.
In the event that your child does talk back, simply take away the item or privilege that was previously discussed. Raising kids isn’t easy and it may hurt you to deprive him of that toy or privilege but it is for his own good. Some children will carry on once the privilege or toy has been taken away. Should this happen, you will need to take away something else as well.
Before taking away the second toy or privilege, give a warning to let your child know that this could happen. If he continues, remove the item. Eventually, your good parenting skills and the positive child discipline you use while raising kids will result in a well-behaved child that doesn’t talk back.

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