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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Parenting Help to Overcome Shyness

There are several children who are shy and take their own time to mingle with new people. Being a parent, you must never force your child into social situations which can have a bad impact on your child emotionally. Follow this parenting help guide to help your child overcome their shyness.
Parenting Help to Overcome Shyness
Many children are shy, and it takes time for them to warm up to people. There’s nothing wrong with that. This shouldn’t be a major issue. However, there are some kids who have deep seeded problems when it comes to meeting and speaking to new people. Making friends can be very difficult for them. By following these easy parenting tips, you can help your child overcome his or her shyness.
Acknowledge That Your Child Is Shy
Avoiding the fact that your child is shy is in no way a good thing to do. It can be hard for some parents to accept that the bubbly and fun loving kid they have at home turns into a sullen child when out in public. Accepting that your child needs to become a bit more outgoing is the first step in gaining the parenting help that you need for your child’s well-being.
Don’t Force the Issue
Many people believe that children outgrow being shy. This simply is not the truth.  Others try to push the child into social situations which can actually do more harm than good. Forcing the child into stressful situations can damage your child emotionally. It can also put a strain on the trust in child-parent relationships.
Children who are shy and have been forced into stressful social situations have the potential to experience physical symptoms as well. They can hyperventilate, shake uncontrollably, have a rapid heart rate and even pass out completely. The best parenting help tip is that you should never force the child into situations that make him uncomfortable.
Encourage, Don’t Discourage
For those needing parenting help for shy kids, it is essential that you remember to never make the child feel bad about his shyness. Most shy children are very sensitive, and their feelings can be hurt quite easily. This can create long term self-esteem problems and irrevocably damage child-parent relationships.
Encourage your child to play outdoors on the front lawn or at the park. It’s best if you are out there with him or her. Playing ball, Frisbee or even jumping rope will expose your child to new people. He or she doesn’t need to speak to anyone, but the child will become more and more comfortable with new people being around them.
Go To the Park
Oftentimes, children will play in the park even if they are shy. Although they rarely speak to the other kids, they are still interacting by waiting in line for the slide or sitting next to someone on the swings. This small bit of interaction should eventually turn into speaking to other kids.
You should bring your child to the park regularly. Many parents do so, and your child will begin to recognize the other kids. This constant interaction, though minimal, can help your child overcome his shyness.
When All Else Fails
Being a parent means that sometimes you need to talk to a professional. Professional family therapists can provide you with the precise parenting help that you need for your child’s shyness issue.
Family therapists can also suggest ways for you to strengthen your child-parent relationships while improving your child’s social skills. Although your child’s social skills are important, there is nothing more important than maintaining happy and healthy child-parent relationships. By following the parenting help tips in this article, you can help your child to overcome his shyness by being a parent who wants their child to succeed in life.

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