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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Parenting Help for Building Confidence

Few children in the world are filled with confidence about who they are and the abilities that they have. Self-confidence is something that is learned and is very rarely an inherent trait. There is no shame in needing to find parenting help and other useful tips that will teach you how to build up your child’s confidence levels. These techniques are extremely helpful to all parents but this is especially true for young parents who are raising their first child.
Proud as a Peacock
Children always crave their parent’s approval in everything that they do. This is why it is of the utmost importance that parents pay close attention to what the child is saying or doing. If your child is coloring, you can simply tell her how beautiful her picture is and then hang the finished product on the refrigerator. You can even buy an inexpensive frame and display the artwork on the living room or family room where all of your guests can see it. By informing everyone that your child created the artwork and how much you love it, the child will be filled with pride and her self-confidence will improve.
Charting the Chores
Children as young as three years of age be given certain responsibilities to aid in confidence building. Three year olds are capable of picking up their own toys and putting them where they belong. Youngparents have more difficulty handing out responsibilities to their children but they should heed this help for parents advice if they want to raise children who are responsible and confident.
Working parents and experienced parents usually understand the importance of giving kids chores to do as soon as they are able to perform them. The logic is that if a child is old enough to take out the toys he wants to play with, he is old enough to learn to put them away. This will open up another reason to praise the child which will make him feel proud of himself too.
Watch Your Parental Tongue
Many parents tend to give their children nicknames that refer to a physical trait of the child. But this is a bad thing. Calling your child “carrot top” if she has red hair, “cutie pie”, “pretty eyes”, “stinky feet” or “handsome boy” teaches the child that their physical being is more important than who they are as a person. Even silly things like “my little monster” or “my little devil” can be detrimental to their self-confidence.
It is better to use nicknames reflecting your child’s good personality traits. These can be “sweetness”, “my kind-hearted boy” or “my little lamb”. These labels reflect their inner beauty as opposed to their physical appearance and will help to build their confidence.
Allow for Accomplishments
Experts in the field of parenting help suggest that focusing on your child’s strengths is an important confidence builder. You should allow your kids to try as many new things as possible. Even little ones can start out with dance, baton twirling or gymnastics classes. Young parents often smother their children. The best parent help advice you will find regarding confidence boosting is to allow your kids to spread their wings and find what they are good at and enjoy.
Rules, Rewards and Reprimands
Confident kids can understand and accept rules and boundaries. Rules should be set at an early age. A three year old should know that hitting, kicking or biting is wrong. Even young parents know that this is important to curtail. One of the important tips for parents is that rules should be set and explained to a child. The consequences of breaking the rules should also be explained in language the child can understand.
By following the above parenting help, you will be able to raise kids that become confident people. Their self-esteem will soar with your help creating well-rounded, well-adjusted, happy children.

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