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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Parenting Advice: Engage Your Kids In Developmental Activities

Does your kid like to stay indoors? Does your kid spend hours with smart phones, TV or video games?

Then, it is a wakeup call for you to look for the ways to engage your kids in development activities that evoke positive thinking and wisdom for success in them.

 As we know “An idle mind is a devil’s workshop”, it is the responsibility of the parents to divert their child’s mind towards constructive thinking. Do not let them fall easy prey to negative thoughts or bad habits as these can play a spoilsport in your child’s success.

Listed below are some good parenting tips that will help you keep your children choose their ultimate goal and stay focused.

Tempt Them With Rewards
Children love rewards. It is the best way to stimulate your children for a developmental activity. You can choose from a thousand ways to keep your kid engaged in positive thinking but the basic idea remains the same – reward him when he attempts and reward him when he succeeds.

For example, if you are motivating your child towards reading habit, tempt him with a chocolate for reading a lesson of the book or learning a concept. Consider the interest and behavioral needs of the child while picking a book or lesson for him (choose something fascinating with lots of funny pictures).
Similarly, if you want your kid to choose some game or sport, you will have to reward him for even participating in practice sessions initially. Once the juvenile starts enjoying an activity, the joy of success will in itself act as a motivational factor.

However, make sure that your rewards are having a positive result on your child. If you notice signs of your child developing a habit of doing everything or making the smallest effort in the hope of rewards, stop for a while and let her understand that rewards are not easy to get. Each time you have work still harder than what you did earlier.

Inspiring Children Through Visual Learning    
Visual learning has been accepted as an effective teaching technique in which ideas, concepts, or thoughts are conveyed through images.
Children have a natural inclination towards visuals. Different child counselors and teachers in their parenting advice suggest parents to utilize this behavioral aspect to induce learning in children.

For instance, if you want your kid to play football, you can show him the visual of a smiling child playing footwall in its garden. If your child watches TV all time or plays video game, you can help him get rid of this habit by showing him images of children falling sick or becoming weak after watching TV.

 Visual learning can also help your children choose the right career for him. Show him pictures of different professionals like doctor, engineer, singer, painter etc and help him choose the one he finds his heart in. For instance, inspirational videos made especially for children are a great way of instilling wisdom and motivation is children through visual learning. Children are able to understand and remember lessons or stories they watch on the visual media, and inspirational videos with their soft music, appealing pictures and engaging voiceover are able to make kids gain wisdom and knowledge effortlessly.

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