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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Parenting Advice – How to Deal With Aggression in Kids

Are you looking for suggestions to deal with your child’s aggression?

Raising children to be safe, well-mannered, well-adjusted happy and successful is always challenging for parents.

Children display so many behavioral patterns – anger, frustration, depression, aggression – during their early years. Though these behavioral traits in children are normal in childhood, it requires a lot of attention and care from parent’s side to prevent these from taking a toll on your child’s growth and development.

Up to 30% of kids occasionally or regularly engage in aggressive behavior.

Watching your small kid hitting, kicking, or screaming is a big nightmare for every parent. Aggression is very common in kids but you need to take some immediate steps to help your kid learn being calm in tense situations – an important lesson for his/her personal success.

Parenting help thus becomes necessary for parents to effectively deal with child aggression:

Try to Notice the Early Symptoms of Aggression in Kids

You should not ignore the early signs of aggression – biting, pulling, pushing, hitting, screaming, scratching, strangling, tearing, ripping and impulsiveness. Left unaddressed, these symptoms may lead to an uncontrollable stage where aggressiveness may become a regular habit of your child.

Let Your Child Throw His/Her Anger

Give your child a stuffed animal that he can punch, kick, or bite to overcome his aggression. Create a dedicated calm corner – stuffed with objects of his/her choice like comics, doll, teddies, or pillow -- where he/she can seek solace whenever he/she loses cool. A screaming box will also be an effective medium for your child to shed anger and frustration.

Effective Communication

Effective communications develop from strong child parent relationships. Talk to your child immediately after he/she deboards the emotional rollercoaster. Make your child understand the aftermaths of aggression by quoting examples. Watch motivational videos with your child to instill moral values like patience and compassion.

Appreciation is the great way to induce learning. You should appreciate your child everytime he/she displays good behavior especially in public.

 Give Proper Care and Attention 

Good parenting is the right of every child. The children who are deprived of love, attention, and care tend to become aggressive, violent and rebellious. Every child craves and deserves for love and care of his parents. Show your affection for them. Hug them, kiss them, pamper them, and make them feel cared and special. It will make them listen and follow your advices seriously.

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